Thursday, July 21, 2011

'True Son of Great Turkey'.''ERSIN FAIKZADE''

You are indeed doing wonderful job and every one of the International Human Rights Commission feels proud of you and your good work, You are proving a 'True Son of Great Turkey'.''

God have been and God will be on your side Ersin, not for the IHRC and Turkey but you are and you will be the 'known hero of the people' ( I just visited your side and listend few songs, oh my brother you are GREAT)...I will add "let the world know who Ersin Faikzade is" if they want to know "what music is"(music and songs which can touch the depth of the oceans and the himalaya's) well then it's ERSIN FAIKZADE !!!
Ambassador & Regional Chief for European Union
Khalid Ahmed Chaudry

Ersin Faikzade is a singer and peace lover/maker who habe great potentials and a great future.It's only the a matter of time and inshaAllah he will be capturing hearts and minds of the music lovers around the global. He deserves to be supported by all those who believe that the power of music can win the hearts and minds of human beings.

And I can listen him and see him he 'is the one', who would be translating the need of global harmony,solidarity,respect​,global justice and peace through his songs and appearence by reaching people all over the world. I do not deserve any sorts of thanks by writing this or wishing him good luck as he is some one blessed by the God Almighty and I only appreciate God given abilities in him. Besides his own efforts I'm sure our organization 'International Human Rights Commission ( where he is our ambassador for Turkey, is also a oppertunity created by God for him to move among millions of peace lovers and believe me "we are proud of having him as our colleague".

Ersin Faikzade-Life Story walesprincess

Our hero,our brother Ersin Faikzade , not only Middle East but the whole world is looking for your role as a 'bridge'between all those who love to see peace on earth, your noble efforts are/will be acknowledged not only by present or future generations but by the history as well, InshaAllah. Brother keep it up all of us are supporting and praying for your success,which is our success and success of the peace.

Sunday, June 12, 2011


Excellency Ambassador Ersin Faikzade', Author,Singer,international volunteer and artist, A Golden voice, an interpretation in which the music is transformed into a play. He have been confessed with his projects what has voluntarily carried out for disabled people. IHRC desiganited him on outstanding services for Mankind as the " Ambassador of Goodwill for Humanity.

What was told to about ersin faikzade?
WAALM - SCHOOL OF CULTURAL DIPLOMACY: We know him as a man of love, dedicated
professional singer and Goodwill Ambassador.You have lent your talent to many
charitable events and organizations in Turkey
and recently named as Ambassador for Human
Rights.As a talented vocalist with a powerful

Muhammad Shahid Amin Khan: Ambassador Ersin Faikzade is pearl of humanity, May God Bless him always.

Wasti Hasan : Thanks to Ersin Faikzade for such a wonderful article on your approach for lasting peace and love through power of poetry and music. Shukran.

Ihrc Headquarter Ambassador Ersin Faikzade is a great human being who is serving the mankind and IHRC love him on his services and proud that he is OUR OFFICIAL AMBASSADOR OF GOODWILL

lady beatrix of france: Excellency Ersin Faikzade is diamond child of Turkish Republic .

Ihrc Headquarter IHRC always stand with you for great services you are doing and we all admire your services for the un voiced people

Saturday, June 6, 2009

ERSIN FAIKZADE -You gave me the kiss of life

The Sounds of Turkey - Tribute to: Noble Ersin Faikzade
In special tribute this month, meet the idol of the Middle-East! Now living in the United Kingdom, this pearl of the Orient little known to North-Americans,
Ersin Faikzade, is a genuine noble man descendant of the Ottoman Family -
one of the rare family in the world who has a career as an artist and one I am privileged to count among my personal friends.

Hear the sounds of traditional
classical Turkish music for which Ersin is best known for in keeping this musical heritage as well as some of his interpretations of French,spanish,italian and English songs. The subject of many of his songs is, for the most part, romantic ballads.

A courageous young man I know for reasons I shall keep for my own,
Noble Ersin is a wonderful humanitarian who supports many charities and gives his time to the less fortunate without neither boundary of race,
religion nor nationality in many parts of the world.

Ersin is also an excellent magazine journalist who's articles on royals and princesses
of the world have gone into second printing and sold out at times - his writings bring a new window onto the world of their lives with refreshing
candor and interesting profile which brings them closer to the reader. He has supported the work of Princess Diana's charities and many others.
The sixth video on this list (with the song 'What a Wonderful World' by Louis Armstrong) is one where Ersin is having a great time at a
home for the mentally handicapped he supports and visits as well as staff he has encountered during this particular charity work.
He helps charities for the sick, disabled, mentally handicapped, multiple sclerosis and more. To support him is to help people in need everywhere.
Discover his music, the sounds of Turkey, and the wonderful human being he is. Between some videos of his songs,
I have also included a few picture montages of him here - some made by his fans - as many young ladies find his photogenic looks quite attractive,
I left this treat here especially for them - enjoy!

[I also encourage you to visit his channel and his website and view some of his videos on royals of the world which
he shares with the globe as well from his private files.]

All videos are copyrighted to Ersin or his fans. I am merely linking you from here to send you in the right direction
to his work or you can decide to play the selection I placed on my playlist to see a continuous play of his work. Enjoy!